Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Dance Like We Used To

If someone told me like 10 years ago that the 80's would make a comeback in any way, shape or form I would have called them liars. Well here it is now 2011 and they have indeed made a comeback over the past couple of years from fashion to music. You can't deny it, every where you look it's back for better or worse. Why might you ask am I ranting on about the 80's well take a listen to bands nowadays and the amount of synths being used. The kids who grew up on 80's music are now making music of their own.

For example White Lies who hail from London are awash in synths and vocals that recall Tears For Fears, Talking Heads or Talk Talk from the 80's. That's not saying there's anything bad about that. I am grateful that synths have become more prominent again and White Lies are doing a damn fine job of making themselves known as purveyors of the revival. They formed under another name Fear of Flying around 2005-2006. After writing some darker material that wasn't suited for the band they decided to put Fear of Flying to rest and begin White Lies. Before breaking up as their previous incarnation they recorded a couple of A-sides with Stephen Street (who produced Morrissey and Blur) and toured with The Maccabees among others.

White Lies was born in 2007 and took on a darker tone then their previous incarnation. They played as White Lies for the first time in 2008 and delayed release of their debut to gather some attention with the press. Their debut album was originally titled To Lose My Life Or Lose My Love but was eventually shortened to To Lose My Life... before it's release. For 2009, White Lies were first British act to have their album reach number one and to debut at number one. Quite an achievement for a debut album. After touring the album extensively and playing several festivals along with opening slots for Coldplay and Kings Of Leon, the band returned to the studio to record their sophomore album. They went with Alan Moulder as producer whose extensive credits include Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. In January 2011 Ritual was unleashed upon the masses to favourable reviews once again. Despite the band being compared to such bands as Joy Division, Interpol and Editors the band cite Talking Heads and Secret Machines as their influences.

Definitely a band that will only get better over time and their second album proves that they have staying power. Some lies are alright if nobody gets hurt and so a little White Lies never hurt anybody:


"Farewell To The Fairground"

"To Lose My Life"


"Bigger Than Us"


"Holy Ghost"

This is best listened to loud, so turn it up!!