Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mostly On An Island

Ok I'm going to stray from reviewing music today in order to give everyone a heads up on Sled Island that will be rolling into town on June 22-25. This year has one of the best lineups since the year Mogwai and Yo La Tengo graced the main stage when it was held behind Mewata. In order to prepare for the festival I took the time to take a listen to the bands that I didn't know on the list while also being thoroughly excited for the bands I did know. So I offer to those that want to know what bands they should check out my recommendations on the list. Some bands people will know or maybe they don't and will take the time to listen to them. Either way I hope to help shed some light on the great music that will be flooding our city in June. First up:

The Raveonettes "Forget That You're Young"

Alberta Cross "ATX"

The Dandy Warhols "You Were The Last High"

The Buzzcocks "I Don't Mind"

Twin Shadow "Castles In The Snow"

The Greenhornes "There Is An End"

Blonde Redhead "23"

Crocodiles "Summer Of Hate"

Cursive "The Recluse"

Dum Dum Girls "Jail La La"

Electric Six "Synthesizer"

Minus The Bear "Pachuca Sunrise"

Moon Duo "Escape"

Quest For Fire "Strange Waves"

Dead Meadow "Sleepy Silver Door"

Red Cedar "Enter The Sun Gods"

The Soft Pack "C'mon"

Starfucker "Julius"

Wild Nothing "Bored Games"

Zola Jesus "Night"

Also some other bands that don't have the visuals but deserve to be checked out are In Media Res and Deadhorse. I know there are probably tons more that I must check out but this is just the bands I know and had a chance to listen to. Let me know of anything else I should check out. Hope it helps and look forward to seeing you out at the shows.