Saturday, October 16, 2010

Take The Long Road

Another band in the series this week is The Music from Leeds who have been around for some time. You might remember them from their big hit "Take The Long Road And Walk It" in 2001 that garnered them a lot of attention from the music press. 2002 saw them release their self titled debut album and in 2004 they released their follow up album, Welcome To The North. They toured extensively for both albums and then came a lull which was later explained by lead singer Robert Harvey on the bands website as being due to drugs "the addiction began to sit into its groove. At first it was a joy then later became a habit and a way of escaping". He gave up drugs but then turned to alcohol stating "Drinking became the place to hide. I'd have a bottle of wine before 7pm, then go out and make a fool of myself. The next day was always panic and more questions it took a close friend to say to me 'Robert, you are depressed'". He sought help and the band returned in 2008 with the album Strength In Numbers. A distinctive sound and voice that they will continue to carry onto album number 4 which is due out next year. Welcome to The Music:

"Take The Long Road And Walk It"

"The People"


"The Truth Is No Words"

"Welcome To The North"

"Freedom Fighters"


"Bleed From Within"

"Strength In Numbers"

"The Spike"

Let the music speak to you...

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