Sunday, August 15, 2010

Can You Dig It?

First off want to apologize for the long delay in posts but I promise I will be posting regularly once again and introducing all you fine folks to more and more bands. Hope that I have at least opened some of your ears to some new tunes and remember pass them along to others.

I know I am not going to be the first to rant about these next 2 bands but maybe you'll hear it from me first and then can brag when they are bigger. The 2 bands are Surfer Blood and The Drums both from the US. Surfer Blood are from West Palm Beach, Florida and were formerly known as Jabroni Sandwich. They released a full length album titled Astrocoast in January 2010. They have a very pop-esque sound reminiscent of bands like Weezer but more in the garage rock vein. Excellent band with a very ear pleasing sound. Tune in below:


"Floating Vibes"


Next band is The Drums from Brooklyn, New York. When they first released their EP Summertime, one wouldn't be too far off by saying they were a surf pop kind of band. When they released their self titled album proper it went many other ways then just the songs on their EP. Already being hotly tipped by the music press as the band to watch in 2010, these guys are on their way with a great sound. The band cite their major influences as The Smiths, Joy Division, The Wake, The Zombies, The Tough Alliance, The Legends, The Shangri-las and Orange Juice. Jacob Graham (guitarist) also mentions that reverb in general has played a major role in their sound: "...If reverb didn´t exist we wouldn´t have bothered trying to start a band.". Catch a ride on the wave:

"Let's Go Surfing"

"Best Friend"

"Forever & Ever Amen"

"It Will All End In Tears"

Both bands have songs that seem to stick on your head all day long. Be it "Swim" by Surfer Blood or "Let's Go Surfing" by The Drums, I dare you to walk away and not be humming or whistling at least one or both of the songs.

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