Monday, August 23, 2010

Lost In The Sea

A band that has long gone unnoticed and will most likely remain that way until years after their demise is British Sea Power. They are a strange band hailing from Brighton, England and have a penchant decorating their stage with foliage and plastic birds and shows generally finish with a semi-improvised song called "Rock in A", which sometimes lasts for over 20 minutes. Various members often climb riggings and tear down the foliage, Eamon walks around the audience beating his marching drum, and a ten-foot bear, Ursine Ultra, occasionally makes an appearance - often taking a beating from various band members. This has become one of the signatures of the band. All of the band members go by one name Yan, Noble, Hamilton and Wood. They first caught my attention with The Decline Of British Sea Power and then captured my heart with Open Season. After those first 2 albums they have released Do You Like Rock Music and a soundtrack to a documentry film Man Of Aran. Eamon, who played live keyboards, went on to form Brakes with Electric Soft Parade brothers Tom & Alex White and eventually left British Sea Power. They are of the few bands that sound comfortable in any music style they play from their punkier 1st album to their more melodic second album. Have a gander at these strange lads from a far off place...

"Remember Me"


"It Ended On An Oily Stage"

"Please Stand Up"

"Oh Larsen B"

"Waving Flags"

"No Lucifer"

"Man Of Aran"

So I implore you to dig deeper into what this band has to offer and you never know what you might find...

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