Monday, February 21, 2011

The Great Escape

Finally to end this week's series is The Rifles from Chingford, London. Formed by Joel Stoker and Lucas Crowther who were inspired to form a band after seeing an Oasis show. After recruiting additional members the band played their first show in 2004 and went on to release their debut album No Love Lost in 2006. Before releasing their second album the band issued two one-off singles "Talking" in 2007 and "I Could Never Lie" in 2008. I personally love "I Could Never Lie" because it's just so damn catchy. Due to their album being delayed they issued The Rifles EP as a free download for fans before releasing The Great Escape in 2009. The band lost 2 of it's founding members but have started recording their 3rd album nonetheless. Such great songs and they definitely showed a maturity on their 2nd album that will hopefully carry over onto the 3rd. Great unabashed rock n' roll that should get everyone's feet tapping along. Take a long look at The Rifles:

"Peace & Quiet"

"Local Boy"

"Repeat Offender"

"She's Got Standards"

"I Could Never Lie"

"The Great Escape"

"The General"

"Science In Violence"

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