Saturday, February 5, 2011

You'll Never Be Alone Again

Another band that was just on the cusp of their recognition when they broke up is none other than Simian. Originating in Manchester, the band released their first effort Chemistry Is What We Are in 2001 and We Are Your Friends in 2002. Differing from the first album which was more simple in it's song structures, We Are Your Friends was an example of where 2 of the main members where heading with a more dance oriented focus. The drummer and keyboard player went on to form Simian Mobile Disco, an in demand DJ group. I thoroughly enjoy both albums but have an affinity for We Are.. only due to the fact that it signalled an exciting future for the band that unfortunately never came to fruition. Their song "Never Be Alone" was released in 2006 as "We Are Your Friends" and credited to Justice Vs Simian, gaining Justice attention in a remix competition. Singer Simon Lord went on to release several projects including Lord Skywave and The Black Ghosts. Along with Simian Mobile Disco James Ford has had huge success as a producer with credits including Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, The Last Shadow Puppets (to which he plays drums) and Florence & The Machine. Give both albums a thorough listen and decide for yourself what you like best. Give in to Simian:

"The Wisp"

"Mr. Crow"

"La Breeze"

"Never Be Alone"


"The Way I Live"

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