Friday, August 12, 2011

Blowin' Cool

I know the name will probably turn most people off but once you get past it then there's some really good tunes waiting to be heard. A forgotten band of yesteryear Kitchens Of Distinction, name aside, are a real band with real songs and to their credit were doing things that a lot of others weren't comfortable doing. Lead singer Patrick Fitzgerald was openly gay and some of his lyrics pushed the envelope in the 80's when gay was still taboo for the most part. Fitzgerald was even a medical doctor but put that on hold to focus on the band. They released first album Love Is Hell in 1989, followed by Strange Free World in 1991, The Death Of Cool (in reference to Miles Davis passing away and his album The Birth Of Cool) in 1992 and finally Cowboys and Aliens in 1994. Sometimes the band would play secret shows as Toilets Of Destruction and dressed in drag playing ABBA, Bowie and Bauhaus covers. Jonny Greenwood even cited Cowboys and Aliens as an influence on Subterranean Homesick Alien. Sadly in 1996 the band split with Fitzgerald going on to create music under a new moniker Stephen Hero and Julian Swales moving on to compose music for films and theatre. Their name is taken from a company at the time that specialized in kitchen and bathroom fixtures, that one of the band members saw an advert for on the side of a bus. Heavily influencing many bands even if not being recognized for it from Interpol to Editors the sound they created will definitely live on. Get down to the sound:

"Drive That Fast"

"The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule"

"Quick As Rainbows"


"4 Men"

"What Happens Now"

"Sand On Fire"

"Here Come The Swans"

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