Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Relax, Don't Think About The Way I Treat You

Ambulance LTD started with Michael Di Liberto and David Longstreth who were later joined by Marcus Congleton. They signed with TVT records and recorded their only album to date LP. All the members left the group in 2007 leaving Congleton to be the last one. He received rights to the name and began recording with John Cale (of Velvet Underground fame) in 2008 but to this day nothing has come out of it. Some demo's did appear on their Myspace but nothing in the form of a physical release. After a legal fight with TVT ,who prevented the band from releasing new material, after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the label was taken over by The Orchard. They were influenced by everyone from Spiritualized to My Bloody Valentine to The Rolling Stones and their music definitely reflected a band that wasn't ready to be pigeon-holed in any genre. Such an amazing debut and subsequent EP's that it's a shame if they don't release anything else. Here's hoping:

"Sugar Pill"



"Stay Where You Are"

A band that deserves to be heard so spread the tunes with everyone you know who would dig them. Always share what you hear!

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