Sunday, November 28, 2010

Falls On Deaf Ears

Mutemath are from New Orleans and formed in 2001. They were originally a 2 piece called Earthsuit then recruited additional members before settling on Mutemath. Their first self titled CD was held up by troubles with Warner Bros. Records so they released it themselves under Teleprompt Records. Their initial success came from spreading their music through social mediums like Myspace. After settling with Warner their album was released in 2006 properly. Their first video for "Typical" was filmed backwards so the band had to learn how to play the song from the end to the beginning. The video garnered a lot of attention for the band and they even performed a taped version of the video on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Next the band released the Spotlight EP which was featured in the movie "Twilight". Not stopping there the band went back to writing and recording their sophomore CD Armistice which was released in 2009. They are currently at work at their 3rd album. They have a unique sound that falls between rock with electronic flourishes to psychedelic at points. Mind the gap:



"Stare At The Sun"



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