Saturday, November 6, 2010

London's Mine

A great band that caught my ear a while ago is White Rose Movement hailing from London, England. Named after White Rose which was a German anti-Nazi resistance, the band formed due to all the members being childhood friends and later recruited keyboardist Taxxi. They ran a club in London called The Dazzle for a while which was formerly a disco and started off as Arturo. They released their one and only album so far Kick in 2006 which saw them garner a large amount of attention in the UK. Kick was never released anywhere else but the UK and still the band managed to tour and play festivals to large crowds. The album managed to make it's way through the Internet and made the band known overseas. They recorded their second album which has been finished but due to troubles with trying to self finance and release it the band split up. Hopefully the CD will see some sort of release as it would be a shame for this talented, underrated band's music to not see the light of day. Jump on in:

"Love Is A Number"

"Girls In The Back"

"London's Mine"


A sad end to a promising start...

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