Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Reminder Of Simpler Things

The final band in the trip hop series is Zero 7. Some may argue that they do not fit in this genre but it definitely is as close as you can get if they didn't. Formed by Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker in the UK and started by remixing several bands including Radiohead, Sneaker Pimps to name a few. They released Simple Things in 2001 to massive critical acclaim and were even nominated for the Mercury Prize. The album featured collaborations with vocalists Mozez, Sia Furler, and Sophie Barker. When touring the band took the original 3 guest vocalists along with several other musicians. In 2004 they released When It Falls then followed in 2006 with The Garden. Binns made his singing debut on The Garden and would again contribute vocals to 2009's Yeah Ghost. Long time collaborator Sia Furler did not contribute to Yeah Ghost but has appeared on ever other release. Listen from the inside:


"In The Waiting Line"

"I Have Seen"



"You're My Flame"


"Throw It All Away"

"Medicine Man"

And so concludes the trip hop series. I will continue to do series sporadically so remember to keep tuned.

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