Friday, December 10, 2010


The Shore are from California and got their start in 2002 when Ben Ashley (lead singer) began writing songs and then recorded a demo which caught the ear of a record executive who offered the band a contract after only a short time together. They recorded and released The Shore EP in 2003 which was then followed by their debut self titled album in 2004. They left their record label and went on to self release their 2008 album Light Years which was initially only a digital release but then a CD version came out the following year. The Verve comparisons will be immediate as both the songs and Ben Ashley's voice draw comparisons quite easily. All around a great underrated band that will hopefully gain some attention for their efforts. Please hold on:


"Hard Road"

"Hold On"

"Waiting For The Sun"

"When Tomorrow Comes"

"On The Way"

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