Friday, December 17, 2010

Soaring Above

Doves roots can be traced back to brothers Andy and Jez Willams meeting Jimi Goodwin when they were teenagers. After several attempts in other musical projects they became Sub Sub. A dance act that had moderate success with single "Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)". It wasn't until the band's studio burnt down that they made the decision to switch to a more rock oriented sound and thus became Doves. They issued debut album Lost Souls in 2000 to much critical acclaim and then Last Broadcast in 2002 with both albums being nominated for the Mercury Prize. In 2003 the band compiled b-sides and rarities for Lost Sides. For their 3rd full length they retreated to the countryside to record and then released Some Cities in 2005. 4th album Kingdom Of Rust took a bit longer to see the light of day but finally did in 2009. After that it was announced that the band were going on hiatus and that sparked rumours of a break up. The band cleared that up by issuing a statement saying they had no immediate plans to return to the studio but said that it could still happen if they felt ready. They had also spoke of venturing into different projects such as film soundtracks. "Jetstream" from Kingdoms of Rust was the band's attempt at film music saying it was conceived as "an imaginary song for the closing credits on Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner.". Who knows where the band is headed but hopefully they will continue the amazing lineage of albums they have released as Doves. Upon first hearing Lost Souls I was immediately hooked from opening song "Firesuite" and the US release featured additional tracks which added to the album being one of their finest releases so far in my opinion. Close your eyes dear:


"The Man Who Told Everything"

"Catch The Sun"

"Break Me Gently"

"There Goes The Fear"


"Caught By The River"

"Sky Starts Falling"

"Black and White Town"


"Kingdom Of Rust"

"The Outsiders"


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