Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sail To The Moon

The band Starsailor got their start in 2000 formed in Wigan/Chorley, England. Lead singer James Walsh was recruited and cited Jeff Buckley's album Grace as a source of inspiration for his singing style. Originally calling themselves Waterface they changed to Starsailor after a Tim Buckley album of the same name. First album Love Is Here was issued in 2001 to much hype in the British music press and skyrocketed the band into the mainstream. Playing several shows with big name acts including Manic Street Preachers and Doves was a prelude to playing festivals including V Festival and Rock AM/Rock Im festivals. For their second album Silence Is Easy(2003) the band started working with famed producer Phil Spector but things soon deteriorated and only 2 of the songs from the sessions ended up on the album. The band went back to the UK and finished up recording with John Leckie. The album fared well but did not live up to sales of the the 1st album. The band took their time with 3rd release On The Outside and eventually after recording to tape (without the use of ProTools) issued the album in 2005. Although lauded as a return to form the album failed to generate sales once again. In 2007 the band began recording for what would be their 4th album All The Plans released in 2009. This was preceded by a free EP The Boy In Waiting. It was announced in 2009 that James Walsh was working on a solo album and later that Starsailor were on indefinite hiatus. Such a diverse band that has managed to maintain their sound throughout their career while still updating their sound. An enduring sound that owes as much to James Walsh's voice as it does to the band's ability to continually write great stadium sized songs. Hope that this is only a small speed bump and that they manage to get back on track once Walsh has released his solo record. Gaze into the night sky:

"Good Souls"



"Silence Is Easy"

"Four To The Floor"

"In The Crossfire"

"Keep Us Together"

"All The Plans"

"Tell Me It's Not Over"

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