Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tear You Apart

Another band that deserves some attention is She Wants Revenge from California. Definitely pulling from their influences the band sound like a mix of The Cure, Joy Division and many other 80's bands but new at the same time. Releasing their first self titled CD in 2006, the band experienced some moderate success with one of their videos featuring Shirley Manson of Garbage and another being directed by Joaquin Phoenix. The band followed up with This Is Forever in 2007 but then seemed to slip under the radar but still managed to release two low key EP's Save Your Soul in 2008 and Up and Down in 2009. Just recently it was announced the band would be releasing their long awaited 3rd album Valleyheart in May 2011. This was preceded by 2 singles "Must Be The One" and "Take The World". Interesting to see what the band will do now as "Must Be The One" seems to be more upbeat than anything the band has done previously while "Take The World" harkens back to their older material. Lead singer Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin also seem to have a lot of unreleased material that may see the light of the day soon as b-sides. Let your heart melt:


"Tear You Apart"

"These Things"

"True Romance"

"Written In Blood"

"Spend The Night"

"Hazy Shade Of Winter"

"Must Be The One"

"Take The World"

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