Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up And At 'Em

2 bands making waves in the UK at the moment are The Vaccines and Brother. They are generating a lot of hype because at the moment guitar bands are few and far between. Both bands seem to be bringing back a sound that hasn't been heard for some time. Buzzed about since last year and touted as the bands to watch in 2011. I may not be the first to rant about them but maybe to some people I am. Either way they are definitely making some catchy music. The Vaccines released a couple EP's before their full length What Did You Expect From The Vaccines dropped in March 2011. Their sound harkens back to 50's rock n roll and all over the map.

Brother on the other hand are by their definition "gritpop" but could easily be categorized with Oasis as "ladrock". Whatever you want to call them they have the attitude and sound to back it up to be one of the bands to watch out for. They have only released a handful of singles so far but are due to release their debut Famous First Words in July 2011.

It is cyclical that every 10 years another guitar band makes an impression and brings rock n roll back to the forefront so maybe it's one of these bands to follow in the tradition of Nirvana and The Strokes. Remember when they get big you can say you heard them first and be like that annoying hipster who heard about them before anybody else haha. Cheers and enjoy:

The Vaccines "Post Break-Up Sex"

The Vaccines "If You Wanna"

The Vaccines "Blow It Up"

Brother "Darling Buds Of May"

Brother "Time Machine"

Brother "New Year's Day"

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