Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sail To The Moon

The band Starsailor got their start in 2000 formed in Wigan/Chorley, England. Lead singer James Walsh was recruited and cited Jeff Buckley's album Grace as a source of inspiration for his singing style. Originally calling themselves Waterface they changed to Starsailor after a Tim Buckley album of the same name. First album Love Is Here was issued in 2001 to much hype in the British music press and skyrocketed the band into the mainstream. Playing several shows with big name acts including Manic Street Preachers and Doves was a prelude to playing festivals including V Festival and Rock AM/Rock Im festivals. For their second album Silence Is Easy(2003) the band started working with famed producer Phil Spector but things soon deteriorated and only 2 of the songs from the sessions ended up on the album. The band went back to the UK and finished up recording with John Leckie. The album fared well but did not live up to sales of the the 1st album. The band took their time with 3rd release On The Outside and eventually after recording to tape (without the use of ProTools) issued the album in 2005. Although lauded as a return to form the album failed to generate sales once again. In 2007 the band began recording for what would be their 4th album All The Plans released in 2009. This was preceded by a free EP The Boy In Waiting. It was announced in 2009 that James Walsh was working on a solo album and later that Starsailor were on indefinite hiatus. Such a diverse band that has managed to maintain their sound throughout their career while still updating their sound. An enduring sound that owes as much to James Walsh's voice as it does to the band's ability to continually write great stadium sized songs. Hope that this is only a small speed bump and that they manage to get back on track once Walsh has released his solo record. Gaze into the night sky:

"Good Souls"



"Silence Is Easy"

"Four To The Floor"

"In The Crossfire"

"Keep Us Together"

"All The Plans"

"Tell Me It's Not Over"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up And At 'Em

2 bands making waves in the UK at the moment are The Vaccines and Brother. They are generating a lot of hype because at the moment guitar bands are few and far between. Both bands seem to be bringing back a sound that hasn't been heard for some time. Buzzed about since last year and touted as the bands to watch in 2011. I may not be the first to rant about them but maybe to some people I am. Either way they are definitely making some catchy music. The Vaccines released a couple EP's before their full length What Did You Expect From The Vaccines dropped in March 2011. Their sound harkens back to 50's rock n roll and all over the map.

Brother on the other hand are by their definition "gritpop" but could easily be categorized with Oasis as "ladrock". Whatever you want to call them they have the attitude and sound to back it up to be one of the bands to watch out for. They have only released a handful of singles so far but are due to release their debut Famous First Words in July 2011.

It is cyclical that every 10 years another guitar band makes an impression and brings rock n roll back to the forefront so maybe it's one of these bands to follow in the tradition of Nirvana and The Strokes. Remember when they get big you can say you heard them first and be like that annoying hipster who heard about them before anybody else haha. Cheers and enjoy:

The Vaccines "Post Break-Up Sex"

The Vaccines "If You Wanna"

The Vaccines "Blow It Up"

Brother "Darling Buds Of May"

Brother "Time Machine"

Brother "New Year's Day"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

C'Mon Try A Little Bit

Mellowdrone hail from Los Angeles, California and consist of Jonathan Bates, Tony Dematteo and Brian Borg. They issued 4 EP's prior to their first album starting with ...Boredom Never Sounded So Sweet(1999), Glassblower(2001), A Demonstration Of Intellectual Property(2003) and Go Get 'Em Tiger(2004). Their first full length Box was released in 2006 and garnered some attention with many of the tracks being used in TV shows, movies and video games. In 2008 the band issued a 7" Maquina before issuing Angry Bear in 2009. Former member Cami Gutierrez went on to play in Uh Huh Her and Jonathan Bates has formed Big Black Delta and played with Monsters Are Waiting during some downtime. No word of any new material being recorded but let's hope so cause this hugely underrated band deserves some attention to say the least. Nothing really to compare the band to but there are so many different references you can hear in their music like Queens of The Stone Age. Refusing to be pigeon holed is probably what makes the band fly under the radar. After seeing the band open a show I immediately bought everything they had. There is not a single song I have heard by them that I do no like. I encourage everyone to listen to them and also their other projects. Come on try a little bit:

"My First Love Song"

"Beautiful Day"

"Bone Marrow"

"Fashionably Uninvited"

"Orange Marmalade"

"Oh My"



"Where Ever You May Go"

If you go to you can download the Big Black Delta songs for free plus an EP. Enjoy and always remember to share what you know...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tear You Apart

Another band that deserves some attention is She Wants Revenge from California. Definitely pulling from their influences the band sound like a mix of The Cure, Joy Division and many other 80's bands but new at the same time. Releasing their first self titled CD in 2006, the band experienced some moderate success with one of their videos featuring Shirley Manson of Garbage and another being directed by Joaquin Phoenix. The band followed up with This Is Forever in 2007 but then seemed to slip under the radar but still managed to release two low key EP's Save Your Soul in 2008 and Up and Down in 2009. Just recently it was announced the band would be releasing their long awaited 3rd album Valleyheart in May 2011. This was preceded by 2 singles "Must Be The One" and "Take The World". Interesting to see what the band will do now as "Must Be The One" seems to be more upbeat than anything the band has done previously while "Take The World" harkens back to their older material. Lead singer Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin also seem to have a lot of unreleased material that may see the light of the day soon as b-sides. Let your heart melt:


"Tear You Apart"

"These Things"

"True Romance"

"Written In Blood"

"Spend The Night"

"Hazy Shade Of Winter"

"Must Be The One"

"Take The World"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Man From The Future

Take a step inside the world of M.A.G.N.U.S.(aka Magnus Gabrielsen) a multi-talented artist from Denmark who is making waves in his homeland and across the map. Taking his cues from various eras of British music, M.A.G.N.U.S. has taken these and formulated a well crafted debut EP.

"Teach Me Darling" kicks off the EP in excellent style with a swirling synth sound reminiscent of 80's groups but also sounds fresh and new. M.A.G.N.U.S.' vocals recall crooners such as Jarvis Cocker, Scott Walker or even David Bowie to name a few. The 2nd track on the EP "Wisdom Up For Grabs" brings out a raspier tone in M.A.G.N.U.S.' voice that brings thoughts of British Sea Power to mind. 2 songs into the EP and these songs already get stuck in your head which by any account is a sign of good things to come.

"Designer Life" starts off with a ringing guitar tone and breathless vocals that beg "let's find something real, let's do things that matter". The track is a good lead in to "Getting Harder" which sounds like Suede when they were at their peak during the early 90's. The lush strings and guitar would have been right at home on Suede's Head Music.

To wrap up the EP is "I'm Looping" which nicely sums up all of the influences heard throughout the songs. An upbeat track that is a good way to come down from an EP that is sure to please. There is no doubt that M.A.G.N.U.S. is heavily influenced by British music and uses the greatest elements to his advantage. Now to wait and see what else this man of many talents has in store for the future because if it's anything like what we've heard so far then lead on, M.A.G.N.U.S., lead on...

A promotional video for "I'm Looping":

An interesting interview with the man himself:

And here's a place for everything else you want to know:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And Boom Goes The Dynomite!

Ima Robot are from La La Land istelf, Los Angeles and formed in the 90's. An early incarnation of the band featured Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Joey Waronker. Both members had played with Beck and Waronker was a studio drummer who played with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M. and Elliot Smith to name a few and now plays in Atoms For Peace, Thom Yorke's new band. Shortly after their first self titled effort both members left the group. Their first self titled CD was released in 2003 with Monument To The Masses following 3 years later in 2006. Although Alex Ebert has other commitments with Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes and newly released solo CD, Ima Robot managed to release another record in 2010 Another Man's Treasure. The good thing about Alex's projects is that they vary so differently from each other that one would be surprised to find that they tied together. Partial to their first CD with such great songs as "Dynomite" and "Scream" even their b-sides maintain the band's fun, upbeat style. Definitely listen to the diversity of all of Alex's projects but never forget where he came from. Slip and slide:




"STD Dance"

"Lovers In Captivity"

"Creeps Me Out"

"Life Is Short"