Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Affair To Remember

Well where to start with The May Cause a band from Vancouver, BC via Calgary, AB. To talk about The May Cause one cannot forget their humble beginnings as Calgary based band bluechild. They had many incarnations as bluechild but the core members were Curt Van Woerkom (vocalist) and Ryan Rosso (guitar). Later to be joined by Eric Lowerison (drums) who added a bit more punch coming from a metal background. Bluechild's live shows were always a visual treat and those that remember the 421 Meredith Rd shows will know what they stood for.

They have lost members along the way but gained in Enrique Balana (bass, keys) an excellent musician who adds his own style to an already diverse sound. Thus they were completed and The May Cause came to be. Already as The May Cause they have done a lot in their short time together as a new band with an offering of videos and live shows becoming more frequent.

They self produced and released a self titled EP recently which is drawing attention to them in an over crowded music scene in Vancouver. The EP starts off with "Strange Little Man" a punchy number accentuated with some biting lyrics and driving bassline. Next up is "Fuck You" that starts off tender but then ups the ante into a catchy pop gem. "I Rode My Bike For This" sounds like early Disintegrations era-Cure with it's droning guitar and haunting vocals. The 4th track "Something Else" has a 50's era rock n' roll vibe to the music and is noticeably a different track than the rest of the EP. Following one great song with another is what I think may be the best track on the album (not discounting any of the other tracks) "Don't Irritate The Bees" due to it's otherworldly Radiohead-esque build up that will have you coming back for more every time. The vocals are sung with such feeling that you can't help but feel a stir of emotions when the song ends and you're left wanting. Final track is "Cancun Discoteque" which is a dancey number driven by the pulsing drums and guitar. The song is an excellent way to sum up an EP which screams at you to get off your ass and dance.

Overall one can't help but be curious as to what future holds for The May Cause. Here's hoping that they continue to push the envelope of their music by not accepting any less than the perfection that they have only began to hint at. So in closing this is a band that deserves and demands your attention. A band that offers you something rewarding for your devotion. A band that will continue to draw you in then spit you out in a warm, loving embrace of melodies and whispered lullabies. The May Cause for lack of a better term may cause euphoria, bliss, sing-a-longs, tears of joy and dance parties...Those don't seem like bad things now do they?

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