Monday, September 6, 2010

People Come On

A great band from Brooklyn via Cincinnati, Ohio go by the name of The National. They have a very unique sound due to lead singer Matt Berninger's voice and lyrics. A refreshing take on americana done by a band that knows how to do it well. Their lyrics are a central part of the songs and require extra attention for the small bits that you might miss like "When you're out with the cunts, You can break what you have, but the rest of it's mine" from "Looking For Astronauts" or "I'm a perfect piece of ass, Like every Californian" from "All The Wine". They have 5 albums under their belt including The National, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers, Alligator, Boxer and High Violet. One of those bands that will only get better as time goes on and they release more music. Have a peek:


"Lit Up"

"Daughters Of The Soho Riots"

"Fake Empire"

"Mistaken For Strangers"

"Apartment Story"

"Bloodbuzz Ohio"

So listen, love and always share...

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