Friday, September 17, 2010

Only In Dreams

Mercury Rev has been around for some time and flown under the radar but are still releasing albums as good as the day they started. Changing their sound throughout the years with Jonathon Donahue taking over lead vocal duties from David Baker who left after their second album. They have ties to The Flaming Lips as well in that Jonathon Donahue joined the band as a second guitarist and David Friddmann (bassist for Mercury Rev) has produced every Flaming Lips album except Transmissions From The Satellite Heart. They have 7 albums to date Yerself Is Steam, Boces, See You On The Other Side, Deserter's Songs, All Is Dream, The Secret Migration and Snowflake Midnight with 1 instrumental album Strange Attractor given away as a free download. Instantly recognizable for Jonathon Donahue's voice they have a way of capturing your attention with their music while Jonathon lulls your senses. In another world:

"Chasing A Bee"

"Goddess On A Highway"

"Opus 40"

"In A Funny Way"

Delve deeper into their catalogue to find some hidden gems. I recommend listening to All Is Dream in the fall or winter for the optimum listening experience. It will transport you, are you ready for the trip?

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