Friday, September 3, 2010

I Come From The Land Down Under

Another great band are The Veils. Not widely known but still a band worth your time. Lead singer Finn Andrews has such an incredible voice it can move you in so many ways. He has such a passion and urgency in his voice that beckons you in. They recorded their first album The Runaway Found with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler which after going through a handful of producers finally was released after 4 years. The original line up split after that and Finn Andrews headed back to New Zealand for a while and recruited a new line up of musicians. Their second album Nux Vomica was featured on many year end best of lists in 2006. Their newest album is Sun Gangs and was released in April 2009. They definitely leave you wanting more every time you listen to a song and here's hoping they are gearing up for another album soon. Breathe in the beauty:


"The Tide That Left And Never Came Back"

"The Wild Son"

"Advice For Young Mothers To Be"


"The Letter"

"Begin Again"

"Three Sisters"

"It Hits Deep"

Follow the sounds down, down, down...

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