Monday, July 19, 2010

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Another band in the category of unknown bands is Clinic. They hail from Liverpool, England and have been together since 1997. They have 5 albums out to date and a new one on the way Internal Wrangler, Walking With Thee, Winchester Cathedral, Visitations, Do It! and Bubblegum (due out this year). Also they have a b-sides and rarities compilation titled Funf. They have a unique sound that harkens back to the post-punk of yesteryear. Their live shows see them perform in surgical masks. This was done as an homage to bands like The Residents that the band liked their visual style while performing. They have some catchy numbers that can be heard below:

"The Second Line"

"Walking With Thee"

"Circle Of Fifths"



Keep an eye out for their new album for some more ear candy!

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