Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Was That Man, I'd Like To Shake His Hand

Well over the last while I have had the pleasure of stumbling across some great music. One of the bands that has really stuck out would have to be Detroit Social Club. First found them on Youtube with this video:
which is such a catchy song that I searched and manged to find some other demo songs to sate my obsession.

Lucky for me the lads in Detroit Social Club have just recently released a full length album Existence, which has caught my ear once again. Here's another video:
This band from England probably won't draw a lot of attention across the ocean like most European bands which is unfortunate. I hope people manage to take this music and spread it throughout their friends and so on.

Here's a great quote by the band as to what their music sounds like:

"Analogue experimentation of the modern kind. Retro-Big beat-Gospel influenced-junkie folk, made in 1970s New York"

Love It

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