Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Around You All The Time

So because I have been missing a couple of days and will probably miss another one I am giving you a 3 band blog today.

First up is an band by the name of Kula Shaker. They had 2 releases prior to breaking up in 1999. They first album was K followed by Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts with some songs that managed to break onto the charts in the UK. After a long hiatus where lead singer Crispan Mills (son of actress Hayley Mills) formed another band The Jeevas, it was finally announced though that Kula Shaker had reformed in 2006. They have released 2 albums since reforming Strangefolk and more recently Pilgrim's Progress. Check out some vids below:

"Hey Dude"

"Mystical Machine Gun"

"Fool That I Am"

"Peter Pan R.I.P"

The Jeevas - "Virginia"

Next up is the band South who have released 5 albums in total Overused, From Here On In, With The Tides, Adventures in the Underground Journey To The Stars and You Are Here. They have a unique sound that recalls many of the brit bands of the early 90's. Check out some vids below:

"Paint The Silence"

"Colours In Waves"

"A Place In Displacement"

"Better Things"

Finally is The Beta Band who disovered a brief bit of fame when their song was featured in High Fidelity with John Cusack. They released 3 albums The Beta Band, Hot Shots II and Heroes to Zeros. Also they had a compilation of their EP's titled cleverly enough The Three EP's. They have since gone on to form other bands including King Biscuit Time and The Aliens. Definitely a band that gained more attention later in their career but had some solid output throughout their time. Watch some magic below:

"Inner Meet Me"

"Dry The Rain"



"Lion Thief"

Hope you get a chance to check them all out and enjoy them!

Pure Love

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