Friday, July 2, 2010

Someday I Will Treat You Good

If anyone missed the show tonight for Sled Island at the Telus Science Center then you missed one of the best shows in Calgary for a long time. There were 3 bands on the bill and let me just say not one of them disappointed. Even though the sound was not that great the bands forged ahead with a show of epic proportions.

First band up was a local band named Dead Horse who got the show started with a set of songs that made the $25 seem like pocket change. They have yet to release an album but as soon as they do consider it bought. Next up was a band from Vancouver named Red Cedar and not knowing what to expect never hearing their music previously was blown away by how great they were live. Ended up buying their EP and got a download of their new CD which I eagerly await to give it a proper listen. Then came the band Sleepy Sun from San Francisco which were the band to see of the evening. Playing a mix of new and old songs from their last 2 CD's they even threw a brand new track "Horses" in to the mix. If you have not seen this band live or heard their CD then you owe yourself to do one or the other. Here's a taste of what they bring:

Oh did I fail to mention that this all took place inside the planetarium. There were projections and stars abound. Overall could not have asked for a better evening of music in Calgary on a Thursday night with it being Canada Day to boot. So to all you indie hipsters that are excited to see Girl Talk then I offer a challenge...if there is a better show at Sled Island this year let me know cause this show was one for the ages.

Peace & Love

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