Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Visit From Future Past

If anyone was a fan of early 90's Canadian rock you might remember a band named The Gandharvas. They had some hits out during their time which included probably their biggest song "First Day Of Spring" . Such a great song and video!

Well the bassist from that band went on to form an even better band if that's possible called Raised By Swans. They have released two albums to date with the first being Codes And Secret Longing which included some amazing tracks like "Violet Light" and "Capable Of Cruelty" .

Just recently they released a second full lenghth titled No Ghostless Place. Their music just evokes so many feelings that any good band should be able to do. One of the songs from the album "Secret Garden" has a beautiful flow to it. This is one band to keep an eye on. Although their albums are impossible to find in the store, they are definitely worth seeking out via Amazon or Itunes. Don't let them pass you by...

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