Monday, July 26, 2010

For The Love Of Covers

Today will be dedicated to something with a little variety. There has been a show on BBC Radio for some time that has bands live in studio covering a current Top 40 song during their sets. It's called Radio 1 Live Lounge and has produced a great selection of covers. I believe it is hosted for the most part by Jo Whiley. This is such a great idea to get a band's take on something they would probably never attempt under othter circumstances. Sometimes it's amazing to hear a song reworked by actual musicians who play instruments. You can check out the website and listen live to the broadcast or check out a selection of what they offer below:

Manic Street Preachers - "Umbrella (Rhianna Cover)

The Automatic - "Gold Digger (Kanye West Cover)"
"Love In This Club (Usher Cover)"

Klaxons - "No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover)"

The Maccabees - "Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas Cover)"

White Lies - "Love Lockdown (Kanye West Cover)"

Franz Ferdinand - "Womanizer (Britney Spears Cover)"

The Kooks - "Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)"

Friendly Fires - "Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)"

Arctic Monkeys - "You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse Cover)"

Last Shadow Puppets - "SOS (Rhianna Cover)"

Bat For Lashes - "Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)"

Boy Kill Boy - "Maneater (Nelly Furtado Cover)"

The Enemy - "Hung Up (Madonna Cover)"

Embrace - "How Come (D12 Cover)"

Hard-Fi - "Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)"

Jónsi - "Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)"

The Magic Numbers - "Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand Cover)"

Snow Patrol - "Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover)"

The Twang - "Drinking In LA (Bran Van 3000 Cover)"

This is also a great way to hear some of these bands. I honestly don't listen to the radio anymore or watch the atrocity that is Muchmusic so I only hear Top 40 songs through these covers. Much better way to hear it than the originals. Anyways I hope these end up on your playlists at some point so you too can enjoy them!

Big Love

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sounds Of Yesterday

Today I am going to focus on a band that has been around for some time but still haven't gotten the attention they deserve. This band is The Coral from Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula in Merseyside. They have released 5 albums in total so far including The Coral, Magic & Medicine, The Invisible Invasion, Roots & Echoes and most recently Butterfly House. They have also released a limited edition EP titled Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker along with a The Singles Collection which was released as a double album. It included a brand new single "Being Somebody Else" plus a bonus disc of rarities and b-sides. Their first 2 albums and their EP were produced by Ian Broudie (of Lightning Seeds fame) and The Invisible Invasion was produced by Adrian Utley and Geoff Barrow (of Portishead fame). Their newest album Butterfly House was produced by John Leckie (who has produced Stone Roses, Radiohead, Muse and The Verve). Get a glimpse inside below:

"Dreaming of You"

"Skeleton Key"

"Pass It On"

"Bill Mccai"

"Don't Think You're The First"

"In The Morning"

"Something Inside of Me"

"Who's Gonna Find Me"

"Put The Sun Back"

"Being Somebody Else"

"1000 Years"

Because I will be busy over the next couple of days it's a three peat so next up are 2 label mates of The Coral on Deltasonic records. The first band is now defunct but no less worth mentioning The Dead 60s. They released only 2 albums in their short career The Dead 60s and Time To Take Sides. They had more of a ska sound reminiscent of The Clash and some solid singles. Listen below and a little herbal blend wouldn't hurt the experience, not that I condone drug use whatsoever:

"Riot Radio Version 1"

"Riot Radio Version 2"

"You're Not The Law"

"Loaded Gun"

"Stand Up"

Finally we have a great band of scousers The Zutons. They are also from Liverpool and have released 3 albums so far including Who Killed....The Zutons?, Tired of Hanging Around and You Can Do Anything. Their single "Valerie" was covered by Amy Winehouse and brought more attention to the band when the song reached #2 in the UK. Hard to describe exactly what their sound is but have a listen and see what you think:

"Pressure Point"

"You Will You Won't"

"Don't Ever Think (Too Much)"

"Why Won't You Give Me Your Love"


"Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done)"

"It's The Little Things We Do"

"Always Right Behind You"

Put a little bit o' soul in your rock n roll!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beautifully Familiar

I am sure most people have heard of Sigur Rós but have they really listened to them. The band's name comes from Jónsi's sister being born the same day the band was formed Sigurrós (Victory Rose). This band are the makers of some of the most beautiful music in recent years. They sing in a made up language called Vonlenska, also known as Hopelandic, a constructed language of nonsense syllables which resembles the phonology of the Icelandic language. Singer Jónsi has such an amazing voice that it sometimes sounds angelic. They have 5 albums up to now Von, Ágætis byrjun, (), Takk... and Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Their music transcends words and challenges listeners to make the music their own with words they feel suit the songs. There is nothing more amazing then listening to () in winter while walking with snow all around you..I dare you to try it. Jónsi managed to release two side projects with the first being Riceboy Sleeps and his solo album Go. To get a glimpse of the heart breaking beauty of their music then check out their videos which are equally as stunning:

"Von (Hope)"

"Svefn-g-englar (Sleepwalkers)"

"Starálfur (Staring Elf)"

"Untitled 1 aka Vaka (Vaka is the name of the drummer Orri's daughter)"

"Untitled 3 aka Samskeyti (Samskeyti means Attachment)"

"Glósóli (Glowing Sole)"

"Hoppipola (Hopping Into Puddles)"



Jónsi - "Go Do"

Let the music take you away...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ok now back to the stateside with today's post as I am sure I will continue with UK acts in the future. Up today for your listening pleasure is Secret Machines originally from Dallas, Texas but now find themselves situated in New York City. They have put out 3 albums proper to date Now Here Is Nowhere, Ten Silver Drops and Secret Machines. They also released a couple of EP's September 000 and The Road Leads Where It's Lead which contained covers of Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks" and Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country". The band was made up of two brothers Benjamin & Brandon Curtis plus Josh Garza on drums before Benjamin left to pursue his other project School Of Seven Bells. They will hopefully continue to put out solid albums with new guitarist Phil Karnett who featured on the last album. Check out what's been in store for some time below:

"Sad and Lonely"

"Lightning Blue Eyes"

"Atomic Heels"

They released a one off single "Like I Can" earlier this year, which was more orchestral but great nonetheless. I will continue to keep an eye out for anything this band releases.

Listen Up!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Another band in the category of unknown bands is Clinic. They hail from Liverpool, England and have been together since 1997. They have 5 albums out to date and a new one on the way Internal Wrangler, Walking With Thee, Winchester Cathedral, Visitations, Do It! and Bubblegum (due out this year). Also they have a b-sides and rarities compilation titled Funf. They have a unique sound that harkens back to the post-punk of yesteryear. Their live shows see them perform in surgical masks. This was done as an homage to bands like The Residents that the band liked their visual style while performing. They have some catchy numbers that can be heard below:

"The Second Line"

"Walking With Thee"

"Circle Of Fifths"



Keep an eye out for their new album for some more ear candy!

Tomorrow, Today....

So the journey continues with 2 more bands that deserve some attention. First up is a band that's been around for quite some time in one form or another Spiritualized. Formed from the remnants of Spaceman 3 a psychedelic band with a few albums to their name including For All the Fucked-Up Children of This World We Give You Spacemen 3 and Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To. The band was formed by Jason Pierce who often goes by J. Spaceman. They have 6 albums to date including Laser Guided Melodies, Pure Phase, Ladies And Gentelmen We Are Floating In Space, Let It Come Down and Songs In A&E. Their album Let It Come Down was recorded with over 100+ musicians. They also released a live album Royal Albert Hall October 10, 1997 which captured their frantic live spirit perfectly to record. Their last album was recorded after Jason Pierce's near death battle with pneumonia and it's a chilling album especially "Death Take Your Fiddle" with it's ventilator that just crawls under your skin. Get a taste of their aural soundscapes below:

Spacemen 3 "Hypnotized"

"You Know It's True"

"Let It Flow"

"Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space"

"I Didn't Mean To Hurt You"

"She Kissed Me"

"Death Take Your Fiddle"

Another band that enjoyed a minor hit with "Rocks" is Primal Scream. Bobby Gillespie formerly played drums in Jesus and Mary Chain before forming Primal Scream. They have released 9 albums to date including Sonic Flower Groove, Primal Scream, Screamadelica, Give Out But Don't Give Up, Vanishing Point, XTRMNTR, Evil Heat, Riot City Blues and Beautiful Future. The band has gone from sounding like a hippie Rolling Stones loving band to electronic rock and all over the map. They have incorporated Mani (Stone Roses) and Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) over the years in their lineup. To check out their ever expanding sound listen below:

"Love You"

"Movin' On Up"

"(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind"


"Swastika Eyes"

"Miss Lucifer"

"Country Girl"

"Can't Go Back"

Hope these songs enhance your musical experience!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Around You All The Time

So because I have been missing a couple of days and will probably miss another one I am giving you a 3 band blog today.

First up is an band by the name of Kula Shaker. They had 2 releases prior to breaking up in 1999. They first album was K followed by Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts with some songs that managed to break onto the charts in the UK. After a long hiatus where lead singer Crispan Mills (son of actress Hayley Mills) formed another band The Jeevas, it was finally announced though that Kula Shaker had reformed in 2006. They have released 2 albums since reforming Strangefolk and more recently Pilgrim's Progress. Check out some vids below:

"Hey Dude"

"Mystical Machine Gun"

"Fool That I Am"

"Peter Pan R.I.P"

The Jeevas - "Virginia"

Next up is the band South who have released 5 albums in total Overused, From Here On In, With The Tides, Adventures in the Underground Journey To The Stars and You Are Here. They have a unique sound that recalls many of the brit bands of the early 90's. Check out some vids below:

"Paint The Silence"

"Colours In Waves"

"A Place In Displacement"

"Better Things"

Finally is The Beta Band who disovered a brief bit of fame when their song was featured in High Fidelity with John Cusack. They released 3 albums The Beta Band, Hot Shots II and Heroes to Zeros. Also they had a compilation of their EP's titled cleverly enough The Three EP's. They have since gone on to form other bands including King Biscuit Time and The Aliens. Definitely a band that gained more attention later in their career but had some solid output throughout their time. Watch some magic below:

"Inner Meet Me"

"Dry The Rain"



"Lion Thief"

Hope you get a chance to check them all out and enjoy them!

Pure Love

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sonic Addicition

Continuing in the british band's lost in the fabric of time. Another great band that never really got their dues was The Cooper Temple Clause. They released 3 albums in total See This Through And Leave, Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Break Loose and Make This Your Own.

Their first album was a mix of electronic and rock that produced some truly jaw dropping tracks like "Murder Song" and "Amber" . The whole album from beginning to end is sure not to disappoint.

Their second album was a bit more electronic than their previous effort but still attacked all the senses. Some stellar tracks include "Promises, Promises" , "New Toys" and "The Same Mistakes" .

Their third and final album followed the departure of bassist Didz Hammond who left to form Dirty Pretty Things with ex-Libertine Carl Barat. The album was more of a return to guitar based songs with "Homo Sapiens" and "Head" .

The band announced their split in 2007 but hopefully with Dirty Pretty Things calling it quits the band will get back together and make another solid album.

Here's hoping...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost Cause

Gonna go back to some british music that has passed by mostly unnoticed over the years. Just recently redisovered Hope of the States album The Lost Riots which is such a stunning debut. They had some great singles on the album including "The Red, The White, The Black, The Blue" and "Nehemiah" .

Their second release was Left which also contained some great singles "Sing It Out" and the self titled single "Left" .

Unfortunately the band announced they were splitting up in 2006. Their guitar player James Lawrence sadly enough committed suicide before they released The Lost Riots but several members of the band went on to form The Northwestern after the group's split. Will be waiting for more from this band as Hope of the States had so much potential but never seemed to hit their peak.

Enjoy it and pass it on!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking Forward

Sorry for the delay in posts but I've had a busy couple of days and unfortunately didn't have time to sit down and wrtie a new blog. So that means that today I will be posting 2 new bands to make up for it.

The first band is Exit Calm from South Yorkshire in the UK. A great band that sounds like so many bands rolled into one The Verve, Doves etc. They have a shoegaze sound that if you are a fan of that genre will remind you of a lot of early brit bands. The first song that they released was "We're On Our Own" which is a solid tune. They released a self titled debut album in May and also another great song "Hearts And Minds" . Definitely a band to keep your eyes on.

Next band up is Crocodiles from the San Diego, California. They also have a sound reminiscent of british rock like Jesus & Mary Chain, Spaceman 3 and Spiritualized. Formed from noisepunk acts Some Girls and The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, the Crocodiles are a sound not often heard now-a-days. A great song from the album of the same name is "Summer Of Hate" . They only have the one album to date but have read that they are working on a follow up. Check out "I Wanna Kill" which is another fuzzed out gem.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Visit From Future Past

If anyone was a fan of early 90's Canadian rock you might remember a band named The Gandharvas. They had some hits out during their time which included probably their biggest song "First Day Of Spring" . Such a great song and video!

Well the bassist from that band went on to form an even better band if that's possible called Raised By Swans. They have released two albums to date with the first being Codes And Secret Longing which included some amazing tracks like "Violet Light" and "Capable Of Cruelty" .

Just recently they released a second full lenghth titled No Ghostless Place. Their music just evokes so many feelings that any good band should be able to do. One of the songs from the album "Secret Garden" has a beautiful flow to it. This is one band to keep an eye on. Although their albums are impossible to find in the store, they are definitely worth seeking out via Amazon or Itunes. Don't let them pass you by...

Monday, July 5, 2010

What Time Did We Meet Again?

Got back onto this band again recently after it came up in my Ipod rotation. The band's name is Cherry Ghost from North West England and their debut album Thirst For Romance contains some great gems like "4am" , "Mountain Bird" and "Thirst For Romance" .

First heard about them through Jarvis Cocker (the lead singer from Pulp for those that remember) and then him asking them to open for a leg of his European tour. They just released a brand new album Beneath This Burning Shoreline which I await to hear. Simon Aldred, the lead singer for Cherry Ghost, started as a solo act with a revolving door of musicians including interestingly enough a member of the Doves, Jimi Goodwin.

Check 'em out!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Dawn Arising

Lately there has been an influx of bands from Australia popping up that are genuinely great. One such band is Tame Impala who until recently only had an EP out for quite some time. While waiting eagerly for the album I listened to their their EP repeatedly and here's the song that will hook you:

The four piece band from Perth released their debut Innerspeaker in May and did not disappoint. It's good to see so many new bands bringing back this sort of 60-70's psychedelic sound once again. It seemed like for a while there everyone was so focused on future sounds that they forgot about where it all started. Here's the first video and single from their album:

I am sure I will have more music to come back to from Australia in the near future so keep your 3rd eye open...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Right Before My Eyes

Another band that has crept into my regular rotation of music lately is Two Door Cinema Club. To say their album Tourist History is catchy would be an understatement. The one song that I keep coming back to is "What You Know"
A great band from Northern Ireland who should be getting more recognition but alas like mentioned previously in another blog, they are from Europe and their exposure in North America will be limited. Another great song is "Something Good Can Work"

It's a shame cause most of the music I listen to is from Europe and there is so much going on that should be heard. A great magazine and website that will keep you up to date on new music from overseas is NME
They have a great section where you can download new music from various artists. I have found a lot of bands by searching through the new music section on their webiste.

Cheers & Hope You Enjoy!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Someday I Will Treat You Good

If anyone missed the show tonight for Sled Island at the Telus Science Center then you missed one of the best shows in Calgary for a long time. There were 3 bands on the bill and let me just say not one of them disappointed. Even though the sound was not that great the bands forged ahead with a show of epic proportions.

First band up was a local band named Dead Horse who got the show started with a set of songs that made the $25 seem like pocket change. They have yet to release an album but as soon as they do consider it bought. Next up was a band from Vancouver named Red Cedar and not knowing what to expect never hearing their music previously was blown away by how great they were live. Ended up buying their EP and got a download of their new CD which I eagerly await to give it a proper listen. Then came the band Sleepy Sun from San Francisco which were the band to see of the evening. Playing a mix of new and old songs from their last 2 CD's they even threw a brand new track "Horses" in to the mix. If you have not seen this band live or heard their CD then you owe yourself to do one or the other. Here's a taste of what they bring:

Oh did I fail to mention that this all took place inside the planetarium. There were projections and stars abound. Overall could not have asked for a better evening of music in Calgary on a Thursday night with it being Canada Day to boot. So to all you indie hipsters that are excited to see Girl Talk then I offer a challenge...if there is a better show at Sled Island this year let me know cause this show was one for the ages.

Peace & Love

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Was That Man, I'd Like To Shake His Hand

Well over the last while I have had the pleasure of stumbling across some great music. One of the bands that has really stuck out would have to be Detroit Social Club. First found them on Youtube with this video:
which is such a catchy song that I searched and manged to find some other demo songs to sate my obsession.

Lucky for me the lads in Detroit Social Club have just recently released a full length album Existence, which has caught my ear once again. Here's another video:
This band from England probably won't draw a lot of attention across the ocean like most European bands which is unfortunate. I hope people manage to take this music and spread it throughout their friends and so on.

Here's a great quote by the band as to what their music sounds like:

"Analogue experimentation of the modern kind. Retro-Big beat-Gospel influenced-junkie folk, made in 1970s New York"

Love It

The Day I Tried To Live

Well I was convinced that starting a music blog would be the best way to go. I was initially going to try my hand at the podcast but alas too much work and too little time won that one. My friends have always told me that I know too much about music (for better or worse haha) and I have always shared the music I know and discover with them. Well I figured it was time for me to share it with the masses (that being you folks out there reading this).

I am a music junkie (no that does not mean I shoot heroin and listen to music) which means I am on a constant search for new music to listen to. I manage to find various websites and magazines that draw my attention to new bands or just by friend's suggestions. I hope by reading this blog that you and people you know manage to come away with something new. I love sharing music with people and seeing their reactions. It's one of the simple joys that life brings.

I will start my rantings shortly and day by day introduce y'all (yes I just said that) to the wonderful world of my musical mind. Hope you enjoy the ride!